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Addictable Face Oil Serum

250 EGP
Light Weighted Oil Serum Shrinks Facial Pores Permenantly Firms and Tone Your Skin Gives You a Very Healthy Glowy Complexion

Eraser Under-Eye Serum

350 EGP
Remove Dark Circles Softens Tired Looking Eyes Special Formula Re-activate Your Youthful Beauty By Stimulating Natural hydration Suitable For Sensitive

Neven Serum C

300 EGP
Face Serum 20% Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid, Caviar Extract, Vitamin E & Ginseng, Rejuvenate the Skin, Ani-Dark Spots, Anti-Aging

Whitening Cream

200 EGP
Skin Tone Unfying Whitening Mosturizing Cream, Contains Arbutin and Marine Collagen, Gives a Glowing Look